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Jack Fairchild, C.C.N., F.A.C.A.C.N.

Jack Fairchild has been involved in Functional Medicine and Complementary Healthcare for the past 24 years. His understanding of the body and metabolism are based upon his on-going rigorous scientific study and ability to see through common signs and symptoms to identify the underlying root cause of dis-ease.


Jack owns Metabolic & Nutritional Assessments, a national, nutritional consulting company. His work is focused on balancing of body chemistry to help people regain and maintain good health. Jack utilizes a variety of functional medicine tests and alternative procedures to glean valuable information on the biochemical functioning of each individual. This information enables him to identify multifactorial patterns of dysfunction within an individual’s chemistry. Through understanding of this biochemical uniqueness he is able to design a specific Health & Wellness plan for each person targeting the root cause(s) of their health concerns. This customized program provides the necessary nutrients, diet, and lifestyle recommendations necessary to support and empower an individual on their quest for optimal health.

Jack holds a Fellowship in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition. He is Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition by the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists; and licensed as a Dietitian-Nutritionist by the State of New York. He is certified in Complementary Medical Nutrition, as well as Intravenous / Intramuscular (IV/IM) Nutrition Order Writing and Administration. He presently works in conjunction with the Complementary Medicine Center of Conroe, Texas in the areas of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and nutritional programming. He continues his study in clinical nutrition and Functional Medicine in order to stay abreast of the latest scientific knowledge, skills, and procedures in the clinical nutrition profession. In addition to clinical nutrition, he has also taken course work in other modalities such as herbology, homeopathy, and kinesiology. He does not prescribe, treat, or diagnose in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and the guidelines of the I.A.A.C.N.


It is Jacks belief that disease prevention is the medicine of the future in the field of healthcare. He feels this can be accomplished through customized, drug-free, nutritional programs while taking into account the concept of biochemical individuality.