What a few clients have to say about our programs...

"For years I woke up aching and sore, not sure how I would get through the day. I was barely able to push myself for what had to be done, never thinking of what was fun. I never had the energy to be up early, stay up late, or even to get my children dressed, fed, and ready for school. I would push myself to the point of exhaustion, but never felt like anything was being accomplished. I have now learned so much from you about this body which is fearfully and wonderfully made. I have gone from hating my body to being so thankful for this incredible creation that allows me to pursue dreams I was afraid to dream before. Today, because of you, I rise early, meet the day with joy, and have energy that lasts until my head hits the pillow. My day is full of activity, fun surprises, and a feeling of accomplishment. I have also lost over 40 pounds along the way, in addition to all of the other benefits. Words do not do justice to the inward and outward health and life that I enjoy because of your help. If anyone makes the effort to “just do it”, the bottom line will improve ten fold. The bottom line being your life."

Karen McCulla

"I want to express my appreciation to you for the help you’ve provided to me in my efforts to get healthy. In the 3 months I have been on your program I have lost 23 pounds and am completely off all prescription medication for the first time in many years. As my health has improved so has my disposition. I am able to enjoy golf, biking and many other activities much more than I have for years. If you could improve my putting game as much as you have the rest of me I’d really love you."

James W. Fey, D.M.D.

"After incurring a whiplash injury, I had resigned myself to taking vioxx for over an 18 month period to help cope with the pain of severe headaches. I was also using two medications to control blood pressure. Four weeks after I started with Jack, I was able to discontinue the pain medication with less pain than before. Two weeks later I was able to discontinue both blood pressure pills while maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. A nice bonus is the 25 pounds I lost in the process."

Vernon Gaffner, D.M.D.